Ian Sherwood

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- Perspective -

A bad day in a kayak is better

than a good day in the office.

Going through

a virtual “mid life crisis”


5 years ago I decided to invest in a sit-on Kayak. In 2012.   I upgraded to a traditional sit in Kayak

It is a fantastic leisure time sport.  They are really easy to use. You just need to have access to water. Living in Bedfordshire there are plenty of rivers and lakes with public access.  The Norfolk broads are only 1 ½ hours drive away and a little bit further to the Norfolk coast .

I would rather be.... Kayaking, Walking, Camping....

At my age you need a few little hobbies to keep you fit and active.  

Its always a hard balance between work and play.  Getting away for a weekend camping , kayaking or just out walking somewhere goes a long way to making up for a long week in the office.


This is something I don’t do enough of.

Once I am out with the boots and rucksack I just wish I did this more often.  I have all the right kit - I’m a bit of a gadget freak.  It’s just a case of finding the time.  My best “bagged mountain so far is Ben Nevis Scotland - June 2011.

This year Cadar Idris Wales July - 2015

Motor Bike - “the Toy”- Fazer 600

I am one of those “born again bikers” . Passed my test when 17 yrs old and had a few big bikes .

Then gave it up as I settled down to family life.  A turn of events with a car a few years ago meant I had an insurance payout.  I needed transport urgently so the Bike option became a reality. My current bike is a Yamaha Fazer 600

K9- Konnie the typical springer

If you need an excuse to get out doors get a dog.  

Our dog is smashing. she is a 9 year old English Springer Spaniel - well trained and slightly well behaved.  She has lots of energy and loves to be outdoors. Either in the undergrowth or in water.


Fortunately my family are in to camping.  Since my Boy Scout days I have always loved sleeping under canvas.

Our family have a number of tents for different occasions from the big family 8 berth down to the ultra light weigh DofE expedition 2 berth.

Getting the urgent things done......

For the past 20 years I have worked for the National Health Service. Not on the medical side I might add, but working in I.T and computer stuff.  I’ve worked in acute hospitals, supported I.T at GP surgeries and for the past 6 years worked for the East of England Ambulance Service.  Gone are my days of supporting IT systems, I now manage the projects to deploy the systems for others to use and support.  I am based at the Bedford “Emergency Operation Centre”.