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A bad day in a kayak is better

than a good day in the office.

Norfolk and Bedfordshire - England

My name is Ian Sherwood.  In 2001 I brought my first “sit on” Kayak. A great way to start, easy to use and fairly lightweight to carry on a roof rack. “Sit on” Kayaks are great for a hour or so recreational time, but I soon got hooked with the idea of going on longer trips or just being out on the water all afternoon.  I upgraded to a recreational “sit in” Karak in 2005 and found the experience ten times better.  Not much increase in weight, slightly less length but once on the water more manoeuvrability and speed. Also greater comfort and a slightly dryer outcome.

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A right of access will provide certainty for the future of water related sport and recreation. The campaign has gained support from many interest groups and organisations who seek more access to enjoy the natural water environment - swimmers, anglers, walkers etc.

For several years Canoe England has been running a Rivers Access Campaign (www.riversaccess.org) The campaign is not just for canoeists or participants of kayak fishing but it is for all members of the public who share the view that a legal right for access to and along water would provide enormous recreational, educational and economic opportunities.


kayak; noun:

1. A canoe of a type used originally by the Inuit, made of a light frame with a watertight covering having a small opening in the top to sit in.

In a one-seat canoe you're the skipper and crew, Just messing about on the river” so goes the song (Josh MacRae 1961) .

A great way to get out in amongst nature is a get a kayak or canoe.  The UK has plenty of places to kayak. My local area is around the counties of Bedfordshire and Norfolk.

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